mooncake lava โรงงาน


Mooncake Lava | Factory OEM Wholesale | Salted egg, Durian


Lava Mooncakes are innovative products. Molten Lava is dedicated and silky.
Best suit for valued customers and families, heart touching as a gifts or souvenirs.


We are running Moon Cake lava Factory, best suit for people who need mass or
large quantities of mooncakes; we are serving many fillings as customers need including durian


OEM wholesaling mooncake please contact us.

+66 880-423-517

LINE ID:  Spoon_ร้านค้า

Email: [email protected]



mooncake lava โรงงาน







OEM wholesaling mooncake lava
with capacity over 5000 pieces per day

Factory locates in Banpong Thailand
Lead time for production = 14 days



ขายส่ง ซาลาเปา แช่แข็ง










Mooncake lava Factory


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